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18th June 2019

The ‘weird of the weird’ gets vindicated!

Christian Karlsson grew up in both Sweden and Uganda with a powerful story of how our health message has brought life. His grandfather was diagnosed with type II diabetes at the age of 20 in the 1940s when diabetes victims had up to a ten-year life expectancy as there was no artificial insulin. Christian’s grandfather’s brother died 5 years after his diabetes diagnosis. Faced with this grave prognosis, his grandmother read Ellen White and went against the ‘scientific’ wisdom of her culture and changed the household to a largely plant based diet. Ten years after the grandfather’s diagnosis, Christian’s mother was born, and he lived another 45 years! Christian believes he is here because of the effectiveness of the SDA health message!

The dietary and hygiene practices of the Israelites saved many of their lives while they wandered in the wilderness. Current medical research is vindicating the health blessings of God’s instructions for us, both ancient and through Ellen White. God wants us to use our good health so we can be a blessing for the nations



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