Camp Meeting 2019 - Religious Liberty, Thursday 20th June

21st June 2019

With a call to awareness, and a calm, thoughtful response, the third Religious Liberty and Education session focused on Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) in English Primary and Secondary Schools. 

Pastor Brighton Kavaloh explained how RSE is now law, with the statutory teaching of the new requirements to begin September 2019.  Relationship teaching will include both traditional and LGBT education, with “age appropriate” lessons in primary and secondary schools.  It will not be possible to exempt your child.   This will also affect our faith-based schools who will need to plan for the new teaching requirements. 

Pastor Kavaloh stressed the importance of taking seriously the teaching of biblical values to our children, so they do not hear only one viewpoint.  He further stated that our homes, our schools and our churches must be intentional in nurturing our children in critical biblical truths about relationships.  This is a battle for the minds of our children.  

[Mark Borrett]


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