Tottenham WGR Church Ground Breaking Ceremony

14th March 2018

With a drumroll and the loud sounds of drilling, Tottenham West Green Road (WGR) Seventh-day Adventist church celebrated the ground-breaking ceremony which commenced the construction of their church refurbishment, bon Sunday, 4 March 2018.

The church is planning to build an extension and bringing the sanctuary downstairs and the Sugar Plum Day Nursery upstairs. Currently, the church is struggling with facilitating for the less-abled and in the event of an emergency, worshippers would be able to evacuate more effectively. Church members are mostly excited about the baptismal pool, as according to church leaders, giving birth to new Christians is at the forefront of their ministry.

Local Councillor Barbara Blake, who was in attendance, thanked the church for all the community service and the friendship they have created over the years. Once refurbished, Blake hopes for an invitation and requested flowers to be planted in front of the building when the project is complete.

"I hope my connection and my love that I get from you will contianue", said Blake. "You have my best wishes."

Pastor Jude Jeanville explained that under no circumstance will the church discontinue their community outreach programmes. Because of the relationship the church formed with the council, the church has been given permission to use the Green Park for any community event, which is located across the road.

"Many folk know us for the Green", said Jeanville. "We will be able to continue our work in the community in many areas."

The building was bought over 30 years ago and pioneer Newell Riley explained that the church had planned and hoped to make the necessary refurbishments 20 years ago. Riley gives all credit and thanks to God for leading Jeanville into their church.

"We've never had a pastor who is so energetic and focussed in bringing the brethren together and say yes 'we must do it'", said Riley.

This project was not only supported by church leaders and officials, but all the members of the congregation. To assist in the gathering of funds, members were provided with visual aids and a challenge to collectively gather £170,000 in a year. In addition, members were not shy to roll their sleeves up and stayed after their last Sabbath in their church, on 24 February, and help out in the move.

Main project contractor Simon Parton, director of Desire Construction Ltd, has worked alongside Seventh-day Adventist churches for almost a decade. His first church project was with Jeanville in Wolverhampton, and Parton admits that he now understands exactly what the members' expectations are and will gladly respect the values of resting on the seventh day while working on their church building.

"Rest assured the church will be done in A1 quality", said Parton. "I like to hand the church back to its members and see the smiles on everyone's faces."

The project will cost up to £600,000 and is estimated to be completed on 14 December 2018. During this time, the church will congregate in the West Green Road Baptist Church, 182-184 West Green Road, N15 5AF, and thanks Baptist minister Dr Stephen Agilinko for opening his doors to them.

The church also gives special thanks to Steve Okelo, British Union Conference; Pastor Steve McKenzie, South England Conference; and Project Manager Mike Coleman, who have assisted in the realisation of this dream.

"This project is much more than the rebuilding of the church; it's about building faith and building relationships within the church and in the community", said Jeanville.


4th March 2018: Tottenham WGR Groundbreak from SECmedia on Vimeo.

[Natasha Pujols]

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