Stronger Together

21st March 2018

For a while the youth group at Plymouth church has been growing in strength and number. Over the past few years the group have organised and participated in many community projects, camps and sporting activities which led to the decision to get hoodies made. It didn't take us long to agree with 'Stronger Together' as the Plymouth Adventist Youth motto. We rushed the hoodie order through and had them ready to wear for this year's Global Youth Day on Sabbath 17 March!

With the theme of 'Unity ‒ We Are Stronger Together' we had no trouble filling the programme on Sabbath morning in church. With prayers, readings and musical items prepared, the service went smoothly and everyone got involved.

Meghan Herman, Daniel and Evi Costin, all shared musical items whilst others recited readings on Unity. Jordan NcubeJordan-sharing-about-Unity shared a short message on breaking labels and working towards unity, Pedro Gimenes shared about the power of words and building people up and finally Kit Portunova spoke about each member of a group combining their unique talents to be become stronger together.

After a quick lunch the group walked into Plymouth town centre armed with baskets filled with 400 Easter gifts: chocolate eggs with a Bible verses and an Easter message from the church. Though it was snowing on us there was still plenty of people in town and it took no time at all to hand out the gifts. The group also enjoyed offering free hugs to passersby.

Kit remarked that "it was nice to see the smile on people's faces and that we could spread a little bit of happiness even through the simplest of ways." Furthermore, Jordan Ncube said, "I really enjoyed handing out the Easter eggs to people, especially the children because their reactions were amazing and they got really excited so it was nice to be able to make people happy and spread joy."

In the evening everyonePlymouth-Advenist-Youth participated in a car rally around the city, answering clues and photographing locations as quickly as possible to claim the prize. Everyone had a great time and it felt good to give something to the community and promote the church at the same time. For this year's Global Youth Day not only was our message to 'be the sermon', but to present it, unified by our love of Christ. We are 'Stronger Together!'.


[Jennie Hall]

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