11th December 2014

Deputy Mayor of St Albans, Councillor Janet Churchard, visited St Albans Adventist church for their second Health Expo, on Sabbath, 22 November. She both encouraged the members to keep up their good work in the community and actively participated in the event by having her own health checked.

Set up testAfter the success of their first expo in June this year, the church decided to make the event a regular part of their church programme. Instead of a morning service, members transformed the inside of the church with nine stands for a variety of health checks.

Despite the cold and wet weather, the church became a hive of activity. Those manning the stands welcomed many visitors from the surrounding area who wanted to test their blood pressure, lung capacity, cholesterol and carbon monoxide levels.

Resources and literatureOrganised by St Albans church pastor, Robin Lewis, and inspired by SEC Health Ministries director, Elsie Staple, the event aimed to make visitors more aware about their everyday health and diet. Each participant was provided with a computer analysis of their projected age, based on their overall test results, which they could use to compare to their actual age. Visitors were then given advice and encouragement on how to improve their levels.

Alongside the health resources, the church also displayed a variety of literature about Adventist beliefs that visitors were encouraged to take home.

"In our morning devotion, the team discussed our motivation for doing the Health Expo", Pastor Lewis explained. "By serving our community that Christ died for too, we are actually serving Jesus. Our motivation is love for our Saviour, we did not know who we would meet, but we know that Jesus said, 'Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me'. This is our motivation for serving our community with love, we are doing it for Jesus."

[Katie Allen, with Gervan Kelly, Photos: Gervan Kelly]

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