South Bristol Southmead Hospital Visitations

7th March 2018

On Sabbath, 10 February 2018, members of South Bristol Seventh-day Adventist church gathered at Southmead Hospital for the second time to minster to the hearts of others and give praises to God. There were a few new participants – talented singers and a guitarist. The event was organised by Elder MacDonald, a member of South Bristol church who serves as the volunteer chaplain at the hospital.

Smiles could be seen on the faces of people walking by and many stopped to listen, donate and participate by singing along or even dancing! The interest of the audience and enthusiasm of the applause made it clear that many hearts were touched. This was even more apparent, when three of the church members were leaving, they were approached by a member of the public. He expressed the pleasure he felt due to the singing and wanted to know more abIMG_9142out the church and its musical representatives. This presented a wonderful opportunity to continue witnessing – and they did! They had a lovely conversation about the Adventist church and where it could be found and they were also able to encourage the man whose wife was a patient. These interactions were encouraging for the church members too, as they experienced the joys and immediate results of witnessing and pointing towards Jesus.

The hope and aim of this event was to show God's love and to spread His message in the universal language of music and judging from the response, it was a huge success. It was a blessing to know that they were reaching others and were able brighten up their day in some way by sharing God's message of love. This served as a source of inspiration to those who were not of the faith but also attendees of the event and performers IMG_9153as well. It was hoped that everyone experienced the wondrous works of the Holy Spirit on a personal level. The participation from singers and various other performers was truly magnificent.

This event is set to take place every quarter; the next one will be held on 19 May 2018. We pray that God continues to bless this ministry and bless those organising it, so that it will continue to grow from strength to strength. 

[Wijan Watson]

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