31st March 2016

"And there was war", declared a group of talented young people performing in a play about Easter.

And there was War, a Final Call Productions play written and directed by Jermaine Wong, first elder from the Kennington community fellowship, proved to be an instant success, AND THERE WAS WAR OPENINGselling out its opening night at the Stratford Arts Centre on Saturday 26 March. The play, which focused on spirituality, the Christian faith and how these impact individuals on the earth, ran throughout the entire Easter weekend.

Lloyd Reid, 39, who played the lead role of Lucifer and is a member of the Hackney church in Haggerston was pleasantly surprised by the response to the play. "The comments we've received to our play have been very positive," he added, "many people said they've been blessed and touched and that it was a powerful play."

Playing the role of the Angel Gabriel was Darryl Mathieu. Darryl, 31 ‒ and another Hackney member ‒ was equally enthused by the response. EASTER PLAYHe said: "I wasn't sure how it would be received but the feedback was so good. People were blessed and God was lifted up."

One of the recurring themes of the play is the battle between good and evil and how these play out on earth. When approached to play these roles, the two young actors did not take the responsibility lightly. "Playing the part of Lucifer was a daunting prospect", admits Lloyd. "From the start I knew it wasn't going to be a fun journey because he is the protagonist in the play and in the Christian life. Prayer is what helped me to keep focused in this testing role." In contrast, Darryl, who played the role of the Angel Gabriel, found it slightly easier but with some reservations. "I had to pray to gear myself up for this special role because angels are holy beings in the Christian faith, and as humans we are far from being anything like these beings in nature and character. It's an honour and privilege to play a role such as this." 

Among those attending EASTER PLAY RESSURECTIONthe play's opening night was South England Conference President, Dr Richard de Lisser who explained, "I had another engagement to be at today but decided to be here. It's a blessing to see young people use their talents throughout the creative industries to spread the good news of the Gospel to the world."

This group of talented young individuals certainly did spread some positive news to the people of east London which ensured that this Easter was one to remember for all the right reasons.



[Darell Philip]

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