SEC Teens Day

12th December 2017

When the spiritual climate of today's society portrays most teenagers as being disinterested in church matters, engrossed with digital connectivity and concerned more on personal self-interest, the South England Conference (SEC) Teens' Day reflecte20171209_165905d a completely different picture. The Emmanuel Centre, was the venue for this event in Westminster on Sabbath 9 December, where up to 1000 teenagers assembled in the auditorium with standing room only. The service which started at 10:30 am began with this full attendance which was a credit to the many teens who travelled across the country into the heart of central London to be on time for church.

As an onlooker from the rear of the auditorium, it was a joy to20171209_115119 see what can only be described as an indelible view of precious young adults each seeking to form meaning and spiritual self-identity on this special occasion, where for a change, the teens were the main central focus and primary guests, in a service designed by the teens for the teens.

The service began with praise and worship taken by a teens praise team drawn from various parts of the UK. The lively singing led by the group accompanied by a band on stage was coordinated in all moderation to ensure the spirit of the words and meaning of the songs were at the forefront.

Andrew Fuller fullerwas the speaker for the day. In his no-nonsense style of delivery Andrew was able to balance the urgency of the times we are living in and the need to be fully aware of the silent pull the enemy is using to draw our minds away from God. Many teens when asked about the service mentioned how the sermon spoke to them and how the message was real and relevant. This was reflected in the large numbers of young people who responded to the appeal for a closer commitment to Christ.

With all the teens present, and the announcement that lunch would be provided for all, one would wonder how this could be possible. However full foodcredit to Earl Ramharacksingh and his team who were able not only to cater for each person but the whole coordination from leaving the auditorium to queuing up for food was done respectfully and orderly. Like the feeding of the 5000, there was ample food left over for those who wanted more.

Following lunch, the afternoon session which was a musical programme, gave opportunity for some of the talented teens to sing, play instruments, perform poetry and the congregation to participate in further praise and worship.

After the event, SEC Teens director, Pastor Juan Carlos Patrick, when interviewed spoke of his delight and joy in seeing so many teens coming together to fellowship, meeting new friends and to worship. Concerning the challenge of capacity, he said with a broad smile, 20171209_115522"looks like we are going to need a bigger venue for next year!"  

One young lady from Reading said, "I really enjoyed the day. The message was for me and I've made new friends today. I'm glad I came." A group of four teenage guys, huddled in a circle at the front of the auditorium could be seen praying. Afterward one said, "I woke up this morning and didn't feel like coming, but then I realised that's when Satan knows you will be in for a good message, so he tries to keep you at homeā€¦so I'm glad I got up and came today."

[Richard Daly]

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