SEC Student Day of Fellowship

19th April 2018

On Sabbath 14 April SEC Campus Ministries burst into the South England Conference with its inaugural event namely the 'Student Day of Fellowship'. Over 160 students attending the event benefited from inspirational messages, encouragement and empowerment led by Pastor Juan Carlos Patrick, 1the South England Conference Teens Ministries director.

Sensing a dearth of guidance for students within secular campuses and places of study, Pastor Juan organised the event to facilitate an opportunity for students to be involved in a ministry which differentiated from the already established Teens and Youth departments.

It was evident that the intention was to push beyond the superficiality which often plagues student spheres. This came across in the morning session as students split into groups to discuss the most common problems students face, including depression, alcohol abuse, loneliness and how to deal with them.

Joden, a 3student at Middlesex University studying Psychology and Counselling said: "The session aligned well with my course of study and provided another opportunity to discuss common psychological issues." With a focus on the spiritual and the practical, students were given a booklet of resources to take with them and share with others on campus.

The goal is to give students a blueprint on how to run student days themselves. Beginning with the printed programme, students can reproduce the same structure for implementation within their campus.  They can then invite 2speakers so that in their places of study others can gain the opportunity to also be nurtured spiritually, integrated socially, and challenged academically. Pastor Juan added that he and his team aim to make the 'Student Day of Fellowship' the first step towards establishing a global community.

Keen to combat the philosophical and scientific thoughts on individualism which can often lead to isolation and materialism, the speaker, Dr Radiša Antić – Lecturer at Newbold College of Higher Education, explored themes of comfort and relationship through the well-known Psalm; Psalm 23. Antić expanded on the passage to the benefit of the students and the challenges they face.  He then honed in on God's character of faithfulness to shepherd His flock.

There was something of profound importance throughout the day for each student and visitor to 6gain a powerful message; whether found in the music, sermon, fellowship, or testimonies. Simone, an Accounting student at the University of Kent, said that although she was nearing the end of her course, this was an event she would attend again. Based on the glee that emitted from the students throughout the day, her sentiments seemed mutual.

For more information on SEC Campus Ministries like and engage with their Facebook page @SECCampusMinistries.


[Onysha D Collins]

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