SEC Camp Meeting 2018 - WEDNESDAY

20th June 2018


Prayer & Praise “Asleep, whilst driving at 90mph.” - with Donette Blake (06:00-07:30)

The early morning programme started with uplifting hymns of praise before testimonies were shared. One of which was how a man experienced God’s protection at the wheel while driving at 90 miles per hour and falling asleep. He thanked God for His travelling mercies.

Dr. Donnett Blake crowned the morning with a message entitled, “The Belt of Truth.” The Church has become a platform of Ideologies and Philosophies because her binding Belt of Truth is loose.  There’s no commitment or integrity to the Truth, Jesus Christ (John 14:6) and His Word (John 17:17). Besides, Prayer, the means by which Truth operates, has also been neglected. Therefore, the Church, she said, must again become a power House of Intercessory Prayers, as the fervent prayer of King Hezekiah in the Temple moved God to deliver Israel from their enemies.

Written by George Dadey, Pastor of Reading Ghana and Frimley Churches


Devotion - with Tristain Cunniah (08:45-09:30)

“Mamma Mia!” said speaker, Tristan Cuniah, the First Elder of Wood Green Church, at the mornings Bible devotion covering Part 2 of “America in Prophecy, Donald Trump Prophetic Benchmarks”.    

Tristan talked about how Donald Trump’s campaign pledge of “Making America Great Again” was another important step fulfilling Bible prophecy. He described how the support and alliance of Evangelical Christians, Catholics and Mormons was critical in the election of Trump.  Tristan further described how we are seeing the disruptive work of Trump giving a voice back to churches and seeking to put religious and moral values back into the state and schools as an answer to social problems in American society, especially around the issues of violence and guns   Though the intentions are understandable, it is moving us towards the unity of church and state that is foretold in Bible prophecy as a religious-political power.  

Tristan finished by saying his aim is “not to alarm us, but to alert us.  We have nothing to fear with God.  

Written by Mark Borrett


Family Life - with Dr Alanzo & Dr June Smith (09:30-10:30)

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) the age group 20-34 and Generation Z, the age group 2-19, are the traffic of our lives and we need to understand them. Drs June and Alanzo Smith, Marriage & Family Life Therapist, Mental Health Counsellors and Psychotherapist, engaged the South England Conference Camp meeting audience with their presentation on the importance of the family and church, understanding the mind of Generation Y and Z. The Smith’s highlighted how this sizable portion of the population, about 13.8 million in the UK, are numerous, diverse and highly educated. They view and understand spirituality differently from their parents, they act, think and work differently. Statistics confirm that they also live longer at home, increasing the risk of conflict with the older generation.

According to the Smith’s, “Media has more influence on Generation Z, than parents. 92% of them go online at least once per day and meaningful time spent with parents and other necessary activities is lost.” Generation Z is also more exposed to sexuality than any other generation.

Written by Jude Jeanville, Pastor of Edmonton Central and Tottenham Churches


Workshops (10:45-11:45)

TUE Youth“Participation” and “interaction” were words that came to mind when visiting the various workshops offered on Wednesday. Every leader involved their groups with questions and answers, meaning that these were no dry lectures, but attention grabbing, fast moving sessions.

In both “Reclaiming Inactive Members” and the “Counselling” workshops specific examples were given to generate responses and provide helpful suggestions on how to deal with real life situations. These real-world situations can sometimes be complicated by not using the right words or names, as was illustrated in the “Adventist Muslim Relations” workshop. For example, it is quite likely that Muslims will not understand what we mean when talking about the Bible, as Muslims refer to specific parts of the Bible, such as the five books of Moses, but use different names.

Another area of misunderstanding is in dealing with youth. There is a generation gap where those who are older not only don’t know the language used by youth, but don’t understand the lives they live in today’s society.

Today’s workshops were an hour of challenging interaction, not to be missed.

Written by Ian Lorek, Pastor of Exeter and Torquay Churches


Bible Study "The Lost Can be Found" - with Elliott Williams (11:45-12:45)

The cool and salubrious air of the Flintshire coast delivered light rain which eventually gave way to cloudy dry weather. This did not hamper the desire of those who flocked to Wednesday’s Bible study hour presented by Dr. Elliott Williams.

Continuing on the theme of ‘Reclamation’ Williams demonstrated, using scriptural passages, that Adam and Eve were created as free moral agents whose characters were being developed through the power of choice.

“Although the ‘first pair’ chose not to believe God”, Williams said “God did not give up on them but chose a path of reclamation and reconciliation.”

TUE TeensWilliams examined the loss of the Edenic home and the broken nature of mankind Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and Socially stating that Man no longer had dominion but were now slaves to Satan who claimed to be the ‘Prince of this World’.

In contrast he proposed that reclamation rekindles a ‘relationship’ with God, creates a sinless environment, changes our very nature, restores our dominion, causes conflict to cease, and will result in the full restoration of the natural world. And so the Great Conflict gives way to the plan of Redemption and Paradise Restored.

Written by Desmond Rafferty, Pastor of Reading Central Church 

Commitment Service - with Carlton Byrd (19:30-21:00)

‘Make Jesus famous’ exhorted Dr Carlton Byrd at Wednesday night’s commitment service at the SEC Camp Meeting in North Wales. ‘Go make Jesus known. What good is it if we just have a good time in here? Jesus is calling us to go out there,’ he said.

Dr Byrd explored Jesus’ teaching, preaching and healing ministry in Galilee (Matthew 4.23). ‘Teaching is explanation’, he stated. ‘Preaching is proclamation.  Proclamation that goes from the soul of the preacher to the ears of the listeners, to penetrate their hearts.’

Dr Byrd imagined Jesus’ mastery of medicine. ‘One minute he’s an opthalmologist giving sight to the blind, the next minute a psychiatrist, bringing peace to someone’s mind.’

‘And his fame spread’.

He shared one way of making Jesus famous that he had used in the ‘Brixton’ of Atlanta, as a beat up old car drew up alongside his car at a stop sign, pulsating with ‘bumpety bump’ music. Winding his windows down, he turned his car stereo to full volume, smiled broadly, and drowned out the other driver with: ‘Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine’.

Written by James Shepley, Pastor of Cheltenham and Swindon Churches 



More powerful messages today from our young adult section, Pastor Ivor Myers took us through the entire book of Daniel and opened our eyes to how intricately woven and connected the Bible is in interpreting itself.

The life of Daniel speaks of the life of Christ, step by step he led us through the 12 chapters of Daniel, marking the pivotal points and connecting them with the events and temptations of Christ’s experience on earth. So, Daniel pointed to Christ’s life and Christ’s life points us to salvation. Pastor Myers is gifted with an ability to discover and refine the themes that run throughout all scripture, it is so refreshing and enlightening, bringing new perspectives that get us excited to delve deeper into the Word.

Pastor June Price spoke on salvation as relational healing. The devil has robbed us of our holy relationships through fear and the fear of pain. June asked God, “Why did the tree of Good and Evil even have to exist in the garden?” God answered her saying, “I am Love, and love cannot exist without freedom. The existence of the tree in the garden of Eden was the existence of freedom.” She added that when we lost our perfect relationship in that garden, we were robbed of the opportunity to truly know others and to be truly known.

Written by Lydia Hamblin 



The unbounded energy of heartfelt worship inspired and uplifted the teens gathered in the Old Vic at the start of Day 3.  An impromptu meet and greet outside friendship circles flowed into group prayer time, followed by the strong encouragement that our weaknesses and imperfections do not deter God’s plans for our lives.

TUE TeensJesus’s teachings about Sabbath were unpacked to reveal the conditional blessings inherent in celebrating Sabbath within God’s boundaries. Pastor Cadet captured everyone’s attention with his startling object lesson (chocolate syrup on his crisp white shirt!) to represent the disconnect between Sabbath as a weekly burden to endure, versus Sabbath, a ‘palace in time’, prepared for the receptive body, mind, and spirit.  

The evening session examined boundaries in relationships through illustrations from Samson’s misguided choices, his conflicted romances and untimely end.  Volunteers role-played the unequal yoke, a powerful visual reminder that God’s guidance is for our best interest.

Written by Norma Borrett 



WED Hbc1What power does Jesus have?  That was the question the children will be asking their parents as a result of today’s programme.  They learnt that Jesus is always there for them. Jesus was there for the disciples in the boat, and He can be there for us.  This message was reinforced by the children making boats to remind them that Jesus was able to calm the storm.

Romans 8:28 was the key scripture.  “All things work together for good for them that love the Lord”. The children seemed to be grasping where the scripture is at least.  Romans 8:28, 8:28: 8:28, they recited it over and over.  May that scripture remain with them throughout their lives.  That is the hope of the team in the Holiday Bible Club!

Written by Jonathan Barrett, Pastor at Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds Churches 


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