SEC Camp Meeting 2018 - TUESDAY

20th June 2018


Prayer & Praise - with Donette Blake (06:00-07:30)

“People are not our enemies or problems, but the Devil,” said Pastor Donnett Blake, this year’s early morning Prayer & Praise speaker.

Drawing from Ephesians 6:10-18, she encouraged her audience by saying that God has provided tools, including putting on the whole Armour of God and wrestling with God in prayer, as Jacob did to empower us to overcome Satan and his hosts.

The Prayer & Praise time included testimonies, one of which was shared by a 93-year-old man who said he was thankful to God for being able to attend Camp Meeting annually without missing any for over 30 years.

The prayer session focused on the theme of 'Reclamation' of our missing members, families and friends.

Written by George Dadey, Pastor of Reading Ghana and Frimley Churches


Devotion - with Tristain Cunniah (08:45-09:30)

“It is high time to make our calling and election sure in view of all these unfolding events,” Tristan Cuniah, First Elder of Wood Green Church, highlighted this during the morning’s Bible Devotion.  

The title of his presentation was “America in Prophecy, Donald Trump Prophetic Benchmarks, Part 1.” It certainly did get everyone’s attention.

Tristan gave a challenging and detailed presentation about end time events in Bible prophecy, showing how things happening in the world today are bringing prophecies to fulfilment. The focus was on the rise and role of America, the beast arising out of the earth in Revelations 13:11, and how this aligns with Rome and Catholicism. The presentation covered both the political and religious movements for unity that will eventually result in Church and State combining to control economic affairs affecting everyone, the “buying and selling” of Revelation 13:17.  

Part 2 will further explore prophesy and current political events.      

Written by Mark Borrett


Family Life - with Dr Alanzo & Dr June Smith (09:30-10:30)

With a winning combination of professionalism, Christian compassion and humour, husband and wife team Dr Alanzo Smith and Dr June Smith tackled the sensitive subject of mental health at Camp Meeting in North Wales on Tuesday morning. The causes of mental health problems can be physical, emotional or psychological. Life changing events like death, divorce/ separation, and debt, can also be triggers especially if they happen in quick succession. Symptoms may include confused thinking, social withdrawal, prolonged or extreme depression, dramatic changes in eating or sleeping, excessive anxieties, strong feelings of anger, substance abuse, growing inability to cope with daily activities, hallucinations and delusions.

Family LifeWhile following a healthy lifestyle and practicing prayer are important, the key is to get help. At first, that may be a Pastor or a health professional in the church. However, it may also need to be a mental health professional. Talk therapy can be productive, with medication sometimes necessary for more serious cases. Acknowledging that there is a problem is a first step to helping someone recover.

Written by James Shepley, Pastor of Cheltenham and Swindon Churches


Workshops (10:45-11:45)

Workshops1‘Where will the workshops be held?’ echoed around the hall, as the time for the workshops approached. Clearly no one wanted to miss their chosen topic and presenter, and no wonder as a number of today’s presenters were speaking from first hand experience.

Joannette Stringer brought a lifetime of experience as a Bible Worker to her Disciple Making and Reclamation workshop. Immediately after her own baptism she was trained by her local pastor to be a Bible Worker in her church, so found herself learning and growing as she studied with other new members. We all must make a conscious effort to nurture our new members.

Dr Gideon Paterson and his wife Pam are “Thoroughly Modern Missionaries” having served as missionaries to the Himba people of Namibia for seventeen years. Dr Paterson spoke of mission as a partnership, between us and God. When we worship, we are transformed, and see sinners as God sees them.

Workshops2There was something for everyone in Tuesday’s Workshops, as in addition to the two reported on there were others on AMR, Women's Ministries and Counselling. Just as well there are more Workshops tomorrow.

Written by Ian Lorek, Pastor of Exeter and Torquay Churches


Bible Study "Welcome Home, You Belong Here" - with Elliott Williams (11:45-12:45)

With the cacophony of seagull cries still reverberating in our ears, President Emanuel Osei introduced Elliott A. Williams Ph.D, Pastor of the Central London Seventh-day  Adventist church as the presenter of the Bible Study hour for Camp Meeting 2018 in Prestatyn, North Wales.

Williams asserted that “There is nothing more calculated to strengthen the intellect than the study of the Scriptures.”

Starting with the creation of our world Williams asserted that the universe and our world is “finely tuned” for life. However all life has been affected by the challenges of one who once stood in the very presence of God but now asserts that God, His laws and system of government are alien to the inhabitants of the Universe.

Williams, using 2 Corinthians 4:9, stated that “our world has become a spectacle to angels and to men.” a place where everyone is “tested and verified” for salvation or eternal loss. Williams encouraged the audience to listen to God’s word and to persevere until they hear God’s pronouncement “Welcome home, you belong here.”

Written by Desmond Rafferty, Pastor of Reading Central Church 


Commitment Service - with Carlton Byrd (19:30-21:00)

Dr Carlton Byrd preached long and hard and fast enough this Tuesday evening at Camp Meeting to keep even his jet-lagged four-year-old daughter awake and on the edge of her seat.

Entitled, ‘God will deliver’, his sermon breathlessly traced the story of Peter’s delivery from prison in Acts 12. ‘Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity’, he said, describing Peter shackled to two guards, on death row.

Meanwhile, the church was at Peter’s house.  ‘They didn’t protest outside Downing Street.  They didn’t call a business meeting. They called a prayer meeting….  They came together to pray for Peter. It was specific prayer for a specific need. We need to get specific with God.’  

Wowing the congregation with his machine gun repetition, and quick-fire delivery of Bible verses, Byrd culminated with a rendition of ‘Pass me not O gentle saviour’, before praying for the many people who came to the front of the auditorium.

Written by James Shepley, Pastor of Cheltenham and Swindon Churches



Tuesday morning began with our introduction to Pastor June Price, a Chaplin at Andrews University. We were shocked and surprised by her story of accidentally setting herself on fire when she was a teenager, but we were not so shocked that she purposefully set our hearts on fire with her powerful message on Identity; which is the theme for this week. “Whose Image is on you?” she asked. June creatively reminded us of who we were when God created us and what we have now become through sin.

YouthThe Word of God is a powerful and living truth, but how do we let the Word work in our lives and start to change us back into the image of God?

Ivor Myers shared powerful insights in the ‘Landmark’ session. He has a gift for showing so many new metaphors in Scripture. ‘How is honey made?’ The bees drink in the nectar that is 80% water and regurgitate it into the honey comb. This process helps the water evaporate. Nectar has to be constantly sucked in by the bees and regurgitated until it becomes as concentrated and sweet as honey. How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth. (Ps 119:103) Pastor Myers proposed that we need to do the same with passages of the Word of God. We need to take them in and then give it out. That is how the Word of God becomes sweeter as we mediate on and share the Word.

Written by Lydia Hamblin and Bernie Holford 



With this years’ conference-wide mission focus on Reclamation, the Teens’ programme is emphasizing commitment to faith in Christ through personal relationship, rather than reluctant acceptance or mere outward conformity to a set of rules.

TeensUnderstanding that children growing up in church face unique pressures, Pastor Edsel Cadet’s morning lesson, “28 Windows”, revisited the story of Adam and Eve to outline the factual and doctrinal bases of our beliefs and to reduce them to the simplest, most crucial element of the Seventh-day Adventist message, namely, ‘God is Love.’  The power of prayer was promoted through open requests and small group focused prayer times.  

The evening lesson continued the theme of God’s misrepresented character through the eyes of the Prodigal Son who stayed home yet remained unfulfilled and alienated.  Teens were challenged to desire more from their spiritual commitment.

Cornerstone Counselling Services is providing the Teen workshops, with individual counselling available.

Written by Norma Borrett 



The Holiday Bible Club for children between the ages of 5-8 had great fun as they were entertained with drama as the day’s highlight.

HbcMr Upton O Good (“Up to no good!”) and Mrs May Kames (“Make a Mess”) played their parts in making the skit truly memorable.  Mrs May Kames, played by Ligia, said that in reality she is a bit clumsy so it wasn’t hard to play the part!  She also said that this week of acting and having fun made a real change to her usual job in the office at the South England Conference.

It certainly is a change for the team of helpers, some of them pastors, who don’t usually spend their mornings wearing strange costumes, sitting at a table helping children do crafts, and registering children.

In the midst of the fun, a solid biblical message was given, and the hand-made purse that the children made helped them remember that Matthew, the Tax Collector that Jesus spoke to, made a real change, and stopped cheating on people.

Written by Jonathan Barrett, Pastor at Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds Churches 


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