SEC Camp Meeting 2018 - THURSDAY

20th June 2018


Prayer & Praise - with Donnett Blake (06:00-07:30)

Two testimonies this morning demonstrated the power of intercessory prayers:

“Resurrection at the John Radcliffe Hospital”

First, the son of a friend of a retired Adventist lady from Milton Keynes (MK) Central Church was involved in a near-fatal motor accident and went into coma. He had suffered a broken leg and arm, bleeding brain and damaged liver and spleen. Doctors at John Radcliffe Hospital gave up on him, but the MK Prayer Warriors interceded fervently for him. Miraculously, he became conscious after one month and started walking and working within 5 months.

“The Miracle Baby”

Secondly, Pr Mburani and his family came to show their new Miracle baby girl, who was confirmed dead in the womb, but was revived through intercessory prayer. 

“Foot shod with the Gospel of Peace” (GoP) was the title of Dr. Blake’s message on Eph 6:15. We need the GoP to survive in the battlefield of temptations and trials, to enable us to pray for others, and give us stability in a world of instability. 

Written by George Dadey, Pastor of Reading Ghana and Frimley Churches


Devotion - with Bernie Holford (08:45-09:30)

Bernie Holford, Pastor of Luton Central and Luton North, started the morning devotion by quoting from Psalms 22, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”.  He explained how this reflected a very real-life crisis for David.  He went on to ask if we ever felt abandoned?  

THU DevotionalBernie outlined spiritual stages we go through, beginning as new Christians, then growing and serving, but eventually hitting some big crisis in our Christian journey. For example, disappointment, hurt, loss, sickness, accident or betrayal.  

Bernie gave plenty of examples of bible characters who hit crisis and how God used it to take them into a deeper level of understanding and relationship with Himself.  He finished with a story of an accident that left him with a limp.  After doing repetitive physical therapy his knee recovered and even an inherent condition was overcome so he could run further than before the accident.  He was able to complete a half marathon recently.

He described how we all have inherent limitations and that God will give us repetitive “therapy” to work through such things and come out transformed in a way that helps us and others.

Written by Mark Borrett


Family Life "Overcoming lingering hurt: a challenge to become emotionally and spiritually whole" - with Dr Alanzo & Dr June Smith (09:30-10:30)

Marriage and Family Life Therapists, Mental Health Counselors and Psychotherapists, Drs June and Alanzo Smith in their seminar emphasized that hurt is real and inevitable, however, we can manage it. Overcoming lingering hurt is essential for our emotional, spiritual and relational health.

Issues that cause lingering hurt can be unfaithfulness, physical abuse, emotional abuse, rejection, financial loss and irrational beliefs. If one consistently feels tired, lethagic, or have diffuclty getting things done, if one frequently feels like a failure and is critical of their short comings, they might be experiencing lingering hurt. Self diagnosis: Do you find yourself not being able to think without reliving your hurt? Do you develop symptoms when you see, hear of the situation? Have you made radical changes in your lifestyle or become isolated from family or friends? You may be in need of help. Trying to sleep things off don't make them go away. Denying the cause of hurt does not help. Hurt is a normal response to crisis, accept hurt as normal and deal with hurt, talk to family members or a close friend or speak with your pastor. Remember, God has promised to be with us when we go through the waters and the fires of life: they will not have the final say over us, He would see us through.

Written by Jude Jeanville, Pastor of Edmonton Central and Tottenham Churches


Bible Study "A Brand-New Start" - with Elliott Williams (11:45-12:45)

Day three in Prestatyn, North Wales dawned bright and breezy with a weather prediction of wall to wall sunshine. While the weather aided the congenial spirit of the encampment it was the presentation of the good news of the gospel that lifted the hearts of those that eagerly attended the bible Study hour presented by Pastor Elliott Williams.

Williams addressed the, often thorny, issue of Salvation by allowing the Bible to speak for itself. He demonstrated, in the use of 2 Corinthians 5:17, that Heaven’s answer to the great conflict is a free pardon to all humans known as ‘Forgiveness’. He said, “Forgiveness does not stand alone but works in conjunction with a process called ‘Conversion’ which, in turn, works on the broken, elements of our human nature restoring lost humanity and giving them a fresh start a ‘New-birth’ experience.”

Speaking with Williams, afterwards he said, “I want everyone to know that we can be overcomers, not continually failing and coming to Christ asking for forgiveness repeatedly but we can face our test, pass, and be certified through Jesus our Lord.”

Written by Desmond Rafferty, Pastor of Reading Central Church


Commitment Service - with Carlton Byrd (19:30-21:00)

THU CommitmentDr Carlton Byrd preached a somber message to the Commitment Service at the SEC camp meeting on Thursday night. ‘We have 65 million in the UK and 35,000 Seventh-day Adventist members on the books.  But God says go!’ Moses had a whole laundry list of excuses when God asked him to tell Pharaoh ‘let my people go’. “1.  Why me? 2. What shall I say your name is?  3. What if they don’t listen to me? 4.  I am slow of speech. 5. Send somebody else.” Don’t make the same mistake! Excuses cause discouragement. They force the few to carry the weight of the many. God is not looking for ability but availability.

Dr Byrd warned against insulated ministry, isolated ministry, incestual ministry, churches that just please themselves. ‘God has given you all you need in the UK. Go with what is in your hand!’, he urged.  Pastor Emmanuel Osei ended with prayer for the accomplishment of the Great Commission in the UK.  

Written by James Shepley, Pastor of Cheltenham and Swindon Churches 



The evening youth speaker, Pastor Paul Graham, spoke about how “true intimacy with Jesus” can enable us to tell the difference between truth and error and how that knowledge can empower us to do the right things. He shared a story about him and his twin brother called Pastor Patrick Graham to illustrate how this is possible.

He says his twin brother Patrick, who is from Brooklyn, New York is gifted with how to connect with the youth. He showed an entertaining video of him and Patrick joking with each other. They look and sound so much alike that others can get confused identifying who is who.

They joke a lot and try to confuse their relatives on the phone as well, but their wives do not get them mixed up.  This is because their intimacy with them helps them know the difference between their respective husbands.

He also shared how he felt convicted on a trip to Israel last year to get re-baptised as a recommitment to God, his calling and to his family. This sharing of his vulnerability, enabled some of the young people to commit and recommit to God and are preparing for baptism on Sabbath at the end of this years’ Camp Meeting.

Written by Bernie Holford 



After the inspirational worship, prayer was a personal affair, each teen being assigned a single prayer request; then Dr. Emmanuel Osei, SEC President, prayed over everyone.

THU TeensPastor Cadet’s message, ‘The Problem of Prayer’, tackled the disappointment of unanswered prayers, highlighting Jesus’s Gethsemane plea, “Take this cup from me,” as the ultimate example of God’s mercy in helping Jesus yield to His plan.  The call to align our prayers with God’s purposes was shown to be the key to prayer.  Harmonized voices illustrated the concept of the harmony of wills necessary to pray in accordance with God’s desire for our life.

The evening session, ‘Family Feud’, paralleled the damaging family dysfunction in Joseph’s early life, to the heartache we go through in family life.  The teens were encouraged to embrace deliverance through the process of forgiveness, rather than be held captive, as a victim to the bad experiences from their past.

Written by Norma Borrett 



How would you like to celebrate with tuna and chocolate and tomato sauce?!  Perhaps not, but that is what the professor did today after Mr Upton Nogood (Up to no good) was taken to the police!  His crime? Stealing the power from robot Jacques!

THU Hbc1After that fun, the story of the bringing back to life of Jairus’ daughter was told.

Today’s take home message was not quite as expected.   The children probably expected the teacher to say that Jesus, the miracle performer, can do miracles for us.  That was said, and the children made a heart craft to back it up.

However, emphasis was given to the fact that Jesus may wish to perform a miracle though us to really benefit someone else.  The Christian faith is not just about what God can do for us, but also about what we can do for someone else.  These youngsters are learning that early on in life!

Written by Jonathan Barrett, Pastor at Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds Churches  


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