SEC Camp Meeting 2018 - SABBATH

20th June 2018


Prayer & Praise “Saved from Gunshots by Divine Intervention” - with Donnett Blake (06:00-07:30)

The Sabbath began with moving testimonies, one being outstanding: On 27th May this year, Bro Desmond Taylor of Willesden Church, who was visiting home in Jamaica, was working outside his home, when suddenly he heard “A Voice” saying, “Go inside!” As soon as he went inside, he heard gunshots just outside his house, some bullets hitting about 13ft away. The Police even testified that it was God who had saved him. However, 6 weeks earlier, a sister from Willesden had a vision of that incident and phoned to warn him about it. To God be the glory!

Continuing with the Theme of “Spiritual Warfare” in Ephesians 6, Dr Donnet Blake emphasized that through Prayer we make a personal contact with Jesus, our Commander, who empowers us to use the “Whole Armour of God” effectively, as we:

Written by George Dadey, Pastor of Reading Ghana and Frimley Churches



The theme for camp meeting Sabbath in the young adult section was Grace, June Price spoke about the blind man that Jesus healed in Mark chapter 8 verses 22-30. She showed that this man had to be touched twice by Jesus because the first time he wasn’t completely healed. June said that sometimes we have to be touched twice by Jesus because we still only see people as objects, to be talked about.

Ivor Myers shared a testimony of how he learned about the Adventist Church when he was 21. He led his audience through some of the doctrines which he said really moved him and inspired him when he first became a Seventh-day Adventist.

Three young people who decided to give their lives to Christ were baptised after the worship service in a moving ceremony.

The Youth programme concluded with a musical programme that featured the juniors and the Lewisham Choir who travelled to joined them from Sabbath morning.

Written by Lydia Hamblin



Our earthly inheritance includes generational traits that prime our future characters, even before birth, for certain types of sin and struggle. So we land in the devil’s traps, becoming exactly the person we vowed never to become.

Re-enacting an episode of the Jeremy Kyle Show, where the paternity of a child is disputed between two or more reluctant possible fathers, Pastor Cadet contrasted God as the father who passionately and absolutely claims our paternity through Jesus’s blood, and gives us a brand-new inheritance, complete with new traits, blessings, honour and power.

So, to the final question of camp meeting, ‘How should we die to the broken life we were born to?’ The answer comes, ‘As joint heirs with Christ, receiving all that God has made available to us when we claim Him as our Father.

Many claimed their inheritance and renewed commitments, as the musicians led celebrations.

Written by Norma Borrett 



Angel Michael (alias Pastor Geert) told the story of how he moved the stone away from the grave where Jesus lay, and Michael only needed the lightest of touches, as he was so powerful.

It was hard not to listen to the story and be drawn into it as it was told so well.  Michael and the other angels were so sad when Jesus died, and so happy when He came back to life.  The light from the tomb was so bright Michael had to put his goggles on!

As a reminder the children made “He is Risen” bookmarks.

The walk to the beach had to be the highlight of the week.  Holes were dug, scriptures were written in the sand, castles were made, shells were collected to remind us of God’s beautiful creation.

Another Holiday Bible Club drew to a close, having been full of fun and Jesus!

Written by Jonathan Barrett, Pastor at Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds Churches   



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