SEC Camp Meeting 2018 - MONDAY

20th June 2018

Hot foot from an evangelism series at Riverside in California, where he had baptized 64 people, Dr Carlton Byrd of ‘Breath of Life’ fame, delivered the inaugural address to the South of England Conference Camp Meeting in Prestatyn, North Wales, on Monday evening.

Preaching energetically on Ephesians 6, Dr Byrd told the congregation to ‘put your war clothes on’.

‘The spiritual world is not a playground but a battlefield’, he reminded the several hundred people who had chosen to attend in spite of England’s first world cup football fixture occurring at the same time. Following Paul’s list of spiritual armour, he distinguished between five items of defensive armour and two offensive items, including prayer alongside ‘the word of God’ in the list.  

Putting on the ‘girdle of truth’, means ‘putting on Jesus’, he said. The ‘breastplate of righteousness’ protects the heart, which is a particular battleground between God and the devil. To be as sure footed as Roman soldiers, we need to know what we believe, why we believe what we believe, and where to find it. Faith is our shield. Faith honours God. God honours faith. Satan will attack from every angle, but the mind must be especially protected. That is the function of the helmet of salvation. We must walk and talk with our minds on Jesus.

Taking the battle to the enemy, means preaching, teaching and speaking the word, and engaging in prayer, the last item in the spiritual uniform (Ephesians 6.18). You have a direct line to the commander in chief. Pray without ceasing. The devil can’t stop you from praying, and he can’t stop God from answering prayer.


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[James Shepley - Pastor of Cheltemham and Swindon Churches]

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