SEC Camp Meeting 2018 - FRIDAY

20th June 2018

Devotion - with Denias Chihwai (08:45-09:30)

“Two Faced” was the title of the presentation from Denias Chihwai, the Pastor of the Hastings and Eastbourne Churches, at this morning’s bible devotion.    The title did get the audience’s attention, especially as Denias highlighted how this even affected Barnabas!

Denias explained firstly how Barnabas is a role model.  The Apostles even gave him the nickname of Barnabas, meaning “Son of Encouragement”.  What a great name to be given and an example to us all!  But in Galatians 2:13, we read that “even Barnabas was led astray” by the hypocrisy of others that divided and excluded.  

Denias concluded the presentation by describing an experience where He visited a church and after the service went to take a copy of the Messenger but was told they were for members first, then visitors.  Denias used this to highlight the importance of welcoming people and being inclusive.

Written by Mark Borrett, Pastor of Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft Churches

THU Workshops 

Family Life - with Dr Alanzo & Dr June Smith (09:30-10:30)

Doctors June and Alanzo Smith addressed three areas that challenge relationships today: 1. Marital schism. 2. Punctuation or defence strategies. 3. Pornography. According to the Smith's, most marital schism is characterized by ineffective communication including, pathogenic introjects or generational scripts and manipulative tactics. They explained punctuation as a type of defence persons engage in, like blame: not taking responsibility for ones actions, or sarcasm, a form of putting down or seeking to score brownie points. The third area of challenge is phonography. 25% of web searches request are pornographic. 20% of men admit accessing a pornographic site and 13% of women admit the same. Pornography can lead to a wave of dysfunction. People engage in pornography because of; a desire to control and dominate; a desire to satisfy the ego; unrealistic expectations; a desire to have emotional contact without accountability; avoidance of personal intimacy; a lack of impulse control and wilting spirituality.

FRI Family Life1A good honest, frank and respectful chat about some of the issues that families face is still the way forward.

Written by Jude Jeanville, Pastor of Edmonton Central and Tottenham Churches


Bible Study "Built for Eternity" - with Elliott Williams (11:45-12:45)

In his fourth and final presentation Pastor Elliott Williams Ph.D. wrapped up the study of ‘Reclamation: Tested and Certified’. He said “God wants everyone everywhere to be satisfied regarding the matter of His government, character and administration – “affliction [rebellion] shall not rise a second time.” Nahum 1:9.”

God’s method of guaranteeing this is that all of His children everywhere will face a test of loyalty to side with God or with Lucifer.

Williams shared a compelling argument, from biblical passages, and explained why the Sanctuary system is God’s pictorial guide to His plan of reclamation with the Sabbath at the heart of His plan challenging all of His children to acknowledge Him as creator. He said, “It is the sign that distinguishes and certifies [seals] His true people everywhere.”

He added, “In these last days, of earths history, God calls His children to ‘True worship’, ‘Clear minds’, ‘Pure hearts’ an ‘Unbroken union with God’, to ‘Surrender all to Him’ and in so doing will ‘Remain righteous and Holy’ a product from sinful earth tested and certified for citizenship of His kingdom. A product that will last for eternity.

Written by Desmond Rafferty, Pastor of Reading Central Church 


Communion Service - with Emmanuel Osei (18:45-20:00)

Hundreds of people participated in a well-choreographed communion service at Camp Meeting in Prestatyn on Friday evening.  Leading out in the service, Pastor Emmanuel Osei, President of the South of England Conference, delivered a stirring and honest sermon contrasting ‘the blood of Abel’ with ‘the blood of Christ’, based on Hebrews 12.24. Whereas after he was murdered the ‘blood of Abel’ cried out from the ground to God for justice, vengeance and retribution, the ‘blood of Jesus’ is the source of forgiveness, reconciliation and redemption.

Tracing the story of Cain and Abel in Genesis 4, Pastor Osei asked the congregation to picture the difference between the sacrifices of the two men.   While the one was obedient to the divine prescription, sacrificing a lamb, pointing to the promised saviour, the other brought his own offering.  “My friends,” said Pastor Osei, “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. You can’t do it your way.  It has to be God’s way.”

“Like you, my friends, I have places of shame and guilt in my life,” he freely confessed.  “We think that it is outsiders who need Jesus, but I have news for you. Seventh-day Adventist need Jesus.”  He concluded his sermon with a heartfelt expression of thanks for Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf, before the participants took the bread and the wine.  “Thank you Jesus for your spilled blood.” 

Written by James Shepley, Pastor of Cheltenham and Swindon Churches  



Pastor June Price challenged our traditional understanding of our core mission as Seventh-day Adventist Christians. Sharing the three angels’ messages is important, but our primary mission is to know, believe and trust God. Our doctrines must be taught to show the beauty of the loving character of God, they cannot be academic beliefs that don’t change us! God wants to have a relationship with us that transforms us.

He says our church needs more active youth! One of the tragedies of our church is that relatively few young people feel that the church involves them. The ACTS initiative – Active Christians Transforming Society has been introduced as an approach that the whole church can use to empower youth to develop and use their skills to help those in our communities.

Pastor Ivor Myers presented an eloquent explanation of the sanctuary in the Bible showing that at the core of this teaching we find that God is love!

In a change with tradition, during the communion service we were invited to eat and drink the emblems before Pastor Paul Graham’s sermon. Those who forgive more, love more he said!

Written by Bernie Holford 



The Assurance of Salvation began the wrap-up of Camp Meeting messages for Teens. Pastor Cadet shared this most important of doctrines in simple, yet powerful object lessons and analogies.  Starting with creation, he characterized God’s work as filling empty spaces and bringing definition to the formless.  Similarly, trusting Him to fill the spaces of our lives and to shape us for His glory takes faith.  

Pastor Cadet’s definition of faith as, ‘the hand that grabs hold of God’s grace, to access the benefits of His promises right now’, was dramatically demonstrated by his falling backwards-by faith- into the arms of two volunteers, trusting that they could and would catch him.  

Continuing the message of grace, the evening Communion service examined King David’s journey through adultery, forgiveness and restoration, highlighting the importance of forgiving oneself by surrendering despair and unworthiness.   Communion was open to all.                                      

Written by Norma Borrett 



Golgotha, Calvary.  No messing about today.  The Cross, Jesus, Sacrifice. The children made crosses, and as in the picture, they are lifted up, on a hill. Jesus said, “If I am lifted up I will draw all to me”.  

Joseph of Arimathea was drawn to Jesus for sure, the children were made aware of that.   He came to talk today, full costume and all, alias Pastor Jacques.   Joseph, a religious leader of his day, began to be convicted of the truth of Jesus’ words.  In response, he did what he could.  In his case, it was to loan his tomb to Jesus.  He might have thought it was a gift, but it turned out to be a loan, thanks to the resurrection!

Before that great news, the children were laughing with Professor Ian Ventor (inventor) whose parting comment was that he would celebrate the repair of the mechanical miracle maker machine by making a pineapple, toothpaste and tomato ketchup milkshake!

Written by Jonathan Barrett, Pastor at Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds Churches  



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