Saving our Children – Saving our Church!

12th December 2017

The All-London Education Day Symposium was a joint venture between the Education department of the South England Conference and the Tottenham Seventh-day Adventist church.

On Sabbath 2Dr-CV-Educate5 November 2017, Dr Jude Jeanville, pastor of Tottenham Seventh-day Adventist church extended a warm welcome to SEC's Education director and Headteacher of Hyland House School, Mrs Gina Abbequaye.  The guest speaker of the hour was Dr Clinton Valley, (former Headmaster of John Loughborough School and most recent President of the University of the Southern Caribbean, Trinidad).  Dr Valley gifted copies of his book 'Help! I'm Being Followed ‒ What to Do When You've Been Called to Lead' to the Conference and local Education directors.

Local Education director, Jacqueline Nicholls Bingham and her team facilitated the programme from Sabbath School through to the afternoon Symposium. In attendance were Education secretaries, teachers and former staff members of the John Loughborough School. Also in attendance was Dr Keith Davidson, former Headmaster of John Loughborough School and former Education director of the BUC.

Mrs Gina Abbequaye is very proud of the new site for Hyland House School ‒ the school is now located at the former John Loughborough School.  Mrs-GA-EducateMrs Abbequaye extended an invitation for all to attend the school's Open Days in order to take ownership of this asset.  The school has technical/design rooms, a training kitchen with ten workstations and there are two science laboratories, one equipped for early learners and the other for those more experienced.  Mrs Abbequaye also spoke of the trials and troubles of managing and overseeing our faith schools as she is often weighed down by state legislation.

Dr Valley titled his sermon 'Jewels for the Kingdom', where he stated that our children are not just jewels of the United Kingdom but they are also jewels for God's heavenly Kingdom.  Genesis 19:30-38 was highlighted because it tells the story of 'an Adventist family who lost their values; an Adventist family at its worst!'.  Dr Valley reminded us that we are a people with values, in particular biblical values.  He admonished us to live by and to teach our children, the following five values:

  1. Value God (He created and sustains us).
  2. Value the Bible (It's God's word ‒ where He reveals Himself).
  3. Value your family (God gave Adam to one woman).
  4. Value the government (They are placed there by God, unless they speak contrary to God's laws).
  5. Value the remnant church (Live as holy people).

The programme concluded in the evening with a vibrant question and answer session.

[J Morris]

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