27th July 2017

Surrounded by excited Reading West Church members, SEC President Emmanuel Osei held a burning mortgage sign to celebrate a new financial era for the church on Saturday, 22July 2017.

The building, located on Portman Road, Reading, was bought four years ago under Pastor Clive De Silva’s term after over two decades of prayer, fasting and searching. As the church building was previously undergoing refurbishments and was still paying off the mortgage, church leaders decided that this was now a good time to dedicate a debt-free church.

"This means everything to us!" exclaimed Church Elder, Vaughn Keir. "We now know we can branch out to the community and we can really be a lighthouse to this part of the vineyard, bringing people into this wonderful lifestyle we have here."

The special service began with the Pathfinder’s drum procession and the IMG_8045flag posting. In attendance were previous pastors from Reading West Church who were invited to witness the church dedication, including the previous SEC treasurer, Earl  Ramharacksingh. Some pastors who couldn’t make the day made sure their presence was felt by expressing their heart-warming congratulations through videos shown to the congregation.

There was no doubt that Reading West is musically talented, with special items from the children’s, the youth and the church choirs, who specifically wore their new choir robes Screen-Shot-2017-07-26-at-11.13.32for the occasion.

For a congregation of different nationalities, whose home is not England, Osei was extremely thrilled to share the church’s excitement of finding and paying off a permanent spiritual home. Based on Acts 27, Osei titled his message to attendees 'Stay in the Ship'.

"The whole spiritual journey that we as Christians have, are here on this ship and we are bound to dock on the great sea of glass," explained Osei. "It’s important that we stay in this ship, because this ship is bound for glory."

The service finished with the Pathfinder retrieving of the flags and a drum roll leading the congregation outside to the ribbon cutting ceremony and the burning of the mortgage.

Following Christ’s example, attendees were invited to remain for fellowship lunch to be followed by a fundraising concert for further refurbishments. Even though the mortgage has been paid off, church leaders and members decided that their mission had just begun. There are plans to renovate the kitchen to be able to hold Soup Kitchens on site in the near future.

"I’m very happy to be the pastor here, because Reading West is a very lively and active church. Not only internally within the four walls of the church, but also externally within the community," said Reading West Pastor, Trevor Thomas.


[Hannah Boakye]

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