North Bristol Pathfinders Preach-out

16th February 2018

On Sabbath 27 January, six North Bristol church Pathfinders took to the pulpit to present a preach-out. Zante, Aaron, Zachary, Ama, William and Christian had been studying the book of Daniel since 2017 and each one chose a chapter to present. It was clear from the start that they took their responsibility of standing up for God seriously. They were clearly very knowledgeable of their subject matter and fully connected with the chapters they had chosen for meditation and reflection. Their commitment was even more apparent, because although the presentation was delivered by them as individuals, it was wonderfully seamless.

The sermon by Zante reminded everyone that God's people were taken into captivity due to their disobedience. She then encouraged the church to remember their true name and identity and to stand up for God, as Daniel and his friends did in chapter 1. Aaron skilfully walked the church through the king's IMG_2139dream in chapter 2; he showed how the statue corresponds accurately with history. Importantly, we were called upon to trust God no matter what, as we are living in the final times ‒ the stone is coming and we will go home.

Zachary encouraged each member to have faith, as the Hebrew boys did in chapter 3. We were reminded that our faith will be tested and tried. However, just as the three Hebrew boys trusted God, we should do likewise – regardless of the circumstances. God always comes through for His faithful ones. Ama warned about the dangers of pride and forgetting God, as the king did in chapter 4IMG_2144. She pointed out that king Nebuchadnezzar was mentally challenged for seven years, because he refused to listen to God's warning. The simple lesson for us – pride will bring us down. Nevertheless, we were inspired to be mindful of the fact that despite our actions, God remembers us if we humble ourselves. The king remembered this. He was restored and in the end, praised God, instead of himself.

Finally, William counselled us to beware of the writing on the wall of chapter 5! He cautioned us that God will only alloIMG_2156w us to go so far in our sin, especially when we know better and we need to recognise that judgement comes to us all. Similarly, Christian gave an outline of the interesting beasts of chapter 7, explaining briefly what they represented. He encouraged the church to read about them for themselves and ended with final and bold encouragement that God would come and reign supreme in the end. 

North Bristol church members were truly blessed by the messages presented, and each Pathfinder would surely have received a blessing by allowing God to speak through them. We pray that they will continue studying and growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord. The church was awash with appreciation and members confessed that this was a Spirit-filled and inspiring Sabbath. It was truly lovely!

The church would like to thank the Pathfinder team for their continued dedication and hard work for the upliftment of the young people and the church. They are a huge blessing.


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