London Ghana Church Launch a Programme to Evangelise the Community

7th March 2018

A candle-lighting service was held on Sabbath 3 March at the London Ghana church to launch a programme to evangelise the community and also ensure a massive reclamation drive for backsliders.

The event, which also aimed at exploring many more avenues to spread the gospel this year, was to sensitise and encourage all members for their maximum involvement.

The church's agenda is in line with the theme of the South England Conference, which deals with 'Reclaiming'. The church has laid plans to reach members who have backslidden and to intensify its engagement with regular candle-8avisitors.

To this end, several activities have been lined up during the year, to help achieve the objective. These include revival programmes for members, prophetic gift lectures, special visitors' day, and a prayer and fasting session, among others.

The two pastors of the church, Boakye Asiamah and Osei Aboagye first ignited their candles, with elders and members following amidst singing of hymns of commitment.

Special prayers were said for the Holy Spirit to fully take control of the plan and also to equip members for the challenge ahead.

Pastor Asiamah described the event as a symbolism of lighting the path of members into the dark world of uncertainties.

"The lighting of the candle symbolises light in the darkness in the life of people as well as a symbol of holy illumination of the spirit of truth. It also represents Christ as the Light of the world", he noted.

The occasion was preceded by a communion service, which was attended by over 400 members of the church.

In a brief sermon, Pastor Asiamah observed that the urgent need for Adventists to carry out the gospel commission has become more paramount than ever.

He noted that the church must be more enthusiastic and willing to help more people to understand the gospel of the cross and the knowledge of the kingdom of God.

He called for unity among members adding that that is the key and prerequisite for receiving the Holy Spirit for the furtherance of God's work.

[Nana Sifa Twum]

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