Hackney Children's Day: Take me to the King

1st March 2018

Young people took the centre stage during Hackney's Children's Day on Sabbath 17 February 2018.

The Sabbath School was taken in the form of a Bible Bowl corresponding to the adult lesson for the week. Siair Mathieu, aged 13 years, confidently explained the instructions for the interactive question and answer sessions which took place in each class and focused on Luke 16:10 and Genesis 22:1-12 which touch on aspects of stewardship 

Zirali Lewis, aged 8, delightfully welcomed the guests to Sabbath School, while sisters, Rachel (age 11) and Eliah Mathieu-Marius, age 6, tested the adults in the memory verse challenge by scrambling the words before getting the congregation to unscramble and work out the verse in question without the assistance of their quarterlies!

The children then gave their own rendition of the hymn Like the stars of the morning. Hannah Richards, age 11, formed part of the praise team who were ably assisted by Aaron Higgins, age 8, who played on the drums. IMG-20180218-WA0006-002

Ivana Marshall, age 14, took pastoral prayer and then blessed all with a special item on the keyboard. It was truly a lovely rendition showcasing the talent God had blessed her with. 

Wiljuhna, boldly read the scripture reading taken from 1 Kings 3:9. Following this was Anu Oni, 9 years old, who got the church thinking with some poignant questions regarding what their responsibilities are when ministering to children. This interesting discussion was followed by a video snippet about the 'Call of the Church'. Dylan Arnold, aged 12, announced the tithes and offering and also prayed after its collection. 

A beautiful mime was performed by Yushanna Okanlawon (age 12), Jannyce Marshall (age 13), Ivana Marhsall, and Siair Mathieu-Marius to the gospel hit Praise Him in Advance by Marvin Sapp.

There was some back-to back preaching, first from Azariah Thomas, aged 7, who spoke about the importance of getting to know Jesus, pointing out that we should confidently ask to be taken to the King! Then Teldon Hutchins, aged 13, gave the second message which made us consider what we would do if we had three wishes just like the IMG-20180218-WA0007-002Walt Disney character, Aladdin. Teldon concluded that we should ask God for wisdom to know how to manoeuvre through life.

He left three successful steps to gain wisdom, 1) Desire, 2) Study and 3) Pray. 

Hackney's children are the future of the church and year on year they continue to demonstrate their God-given abilities through days like these. Subsequently, Hackney church are eagerly looking forward to the next children's day in July.


[Ama Enwerem]

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