Edmonton Church Wash Cars for ADRA-UK

20th April 2018

The Edmonton church takes Sundays out each year to raise funds for ADRA-UK to run a free car wash and valeting service. For the past 11 years, members of the public have brought both old and luxury cars to be washed outside and be cleaned inside and the wheels nicely polished.

Last Sunday, they washed several 'luxury cars' and their services were utilised by a family who were using the church for a baby blessing.

"We are so grateful to God that for these past years, we have been 14able to minister to the community and help to raise funds for ADRA-UK", said Terence McKenzie-Cook, Community Liaison for the church. He spoke of the offer of free space to run this initiative at a local garage but stated, "it's great to hold the car wash on our premises as it raises the profile of the church in the community."

Dr Des Boldeau, church pastor, commenting on the sustainability of the project said, "the tenacity of Ter
15ence and his team of volunteers is highly commendable and a worthy model to be replicated by others."

The house-to h
ouse collection aspect of the 2018 ADRA Appeal ends on Sunday 22 April in Greater London, though fundraising initiatives will continue. "It is fantastic to see the innovative ways in which churches are choosing to raise funds for ADRA-UK. This weekend is the last opportunity this year, that volunteers can participate in the door-to-door collection," said Pastor Bert Smit, CEO of ADRA-UK, "and we would encourage every member who is able to go and 'gather' funds, to do so in this way."

[Catherine Anthony Boldeau]

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