25th October 2017

Since the work of the Church began in London under then British superintendent leadership of Stephen Haskell in the late 1880s, we have seen the fruits of the laborious work of the early pioneers.

Churches that were established and officially formed around 1916 are now seeing their centenary status. Croydon church is one that has now passed into this special category as a centenary church.

Throughout the month of October, each sabbath Croydon church has IMG_68371focused on a different area of celebration which intertwined with the 500 years of the Protestant Reformation. On 7 October the theme was on the 'Reformation and why does it matter today'. Sabbath 14 October looked at the question 'Who are Seventh-day Adventists and the pioneers who started the work in Britain?'

On Sabbath 21 October the focus was on the 100 years celebration of Croydon. This started with a discussion on 'Bringing memories of Croydon Seventh-day Adventist church to life'. This involved a historical reflection by Elder Chris Levy on the early beginnings of the Church that led to the establishment of Croydon church.

The morning IMG_69161family service saw an array of representatives of the British Union Conference (BUC) and South England Conference (SEC) with past Union and Conference Presidents such as Pastors Cecil Perry and Sam Davis, who both gave congratulatory tributes. Former minister Pastor Richard Daly, now serving as BUC Communication and Media director, returned to share in the tributes and well-wishes, presenting local minister Pastor Sam Ouadjo with a commemorative plaque on IMG_68461behalf of the BUC.

Representatives from churches that were formed from the Croydon church (New Addington, Wallington, Beckenham and the Living Room branch) were also present IMG_68691and expressed the influence the 'mother' church had been in their early developments.

Pastor Ouadjo steered the programme and introduced the speaker for the day, SEC President Pastor Emmanuel Osei, who spoke encouraging the members not to give up on God but to keep focused in these troublesome days and to keep looking forward to the IMG_69591return of Christ.

The afternoon was a further opportunity for members to share their early memories of the church in south London, as well as greetings from previous ministers. Other activities included skits and presentations which led into an evening social that involved the cutting of the 100-year decorated cake that was especially made for the day.

We congratulate the Croydon church for honouring this day but ultimately for the recognition for the 100 years in which the Adventist message has persevered from small beginnings to what it is today.

See link here for GC President Elder Ted Wilson's greeting to the Croydon church.


[Richard Daly]

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