1st September 2017

Willesden's Centre of Help and Hope is a Community Services initiative, in Brent, which was conceived in October 2016, as a result of the vision the BUC Evangelism department, of the 'Power of 37,000'.

The Centre provides a food bank, clothing hub, befriending service, life skills, vocational courses and operates from a standpoint of the five Cs of Caring (compassion, confidentiality, communication, cooperation and commitment) as well as building interpersonal relationships to create positive outcomes.

A 'Family Day Out' to Brighton was organised by the Centre for service users and their families, who turned out, in full force, on Thursday 10 August. It was a day of great camaraderie, which catered for the forging of new friendships, good food and fun. Statements such as "the best-tasting vegetarian food I have ever had", "day well spent" and "a great family event" were just some of the favourable comments shared. There was something for everyone. Community Services at its best!


[Norma-Elaine Whyte]

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