Celebrating Chinese New Year

8th March 2018

At Fletewood School we are fortunate to have a wealth of cultures and backgrounds amongst our children. We have a large Asian community, so every year the whole school celebrates Chinese New Year together. It is a time for all of o22ur pupils to learn more about another culture and to feel even more like a close-knit community.

We are blessed to have a number of parents who offer their time and skills to help us celebrate in style! They provide talks for the children about the customs and traditions at this time of year; they provide food for the children to sample – the whole school gets together to eat; they provide entertainment in the form of drag33on puppet dances; one of the grandpas gives out red money envelopes when the children have said Happy New Year in Chinese.

The whole school comes together every year at this time and looks forward to doing so. We are grateful that we have so many parents willing and able to share their time and skills with us to make our celebrations extra special. Their kindness and support are attributes we encourage in the children we teach, and we are thankful that our children have such positive role models both at home and at school.

[Julia Hall]

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