Camp Meeting 2017 SATURDAY REPORT

25th June 2017


Prayer & Praise 

After welcoming and inviting the congregation to pray in threes, thanking God for who He is, Veronica introduced the 4th Principle of Prayer, “Y” for “Yield”. We need to “Yield” or “submit to God”– James 4:1). The four principles spelt “PRAY”. During Intercessory prayer, Pr Kwarteng-Ampofo called forward and prayed for all the Children.

The Praise Team saw the congregation happily singing: “O Day of Rest and Gladness,” “Standing On the Promises of God” and “I have decided to Follow Jesus.”

The following Testimonies were shared:

The Message by Pr Patrick was entitled “Trust and Obey” (Exodus 13:17-22). God took the Children of Israel out of Egypt through a very strange route, which didn’t make sense, yet Moses trusted and obeyed Him, anyway.  This route through the Red Sea, which He later was closed up, saved them from Pharaoh and his army, and also prevented them from going back when the going got tough later.  God’s ways are sometimes difficult and challenging, but will surely lead to our destination safely.  

[George S. Dadey] 

[ - PC: Ligia Buzac]

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