Camp Meeting 2017 MONDAY REPORT

22nd June 2017

Commitment Service

On Monday 19th June 2017, South England Conference returned to Pontins in Prestatyn for this year’s camp meeting after a few years absence from this venue in North Wales.

After the arrivals and registrations, everyone converged at the main auditorium for the welcome and opening service which started at 7pm. The Conference President, Pastor Emmanuel Osei, expressed delight at seeing all the attendees. Referring to the unfortunate incident in London in which a man drove into a crowd of Muslim worshippers in Finsbury Park, London, killing one person and injuring several others, Pastor Osei, asked all to keep the nation in our prayers.

Sign LanguageThe Commitment Speaker, Pastor Wintley Phipp, a world-renowned vocal artist and pastor, gave the audience a taste of what to is to come in a solo rendition of “How Great Thou Art” before delivering his massage, to the joy and admiration of the audience.

Pastor Phipps, said the first of his commitment messages is entitled “The biggest Problem in the Church.” With this title, he aims to point out what “The most important mission of the church” should be.

Focusing on the conversion of Paul, he elaborated on Paul’s academic brilliance, his passion in persecuting Christians, his multi-cultural talents and multi-lingual abilities. AudienceHe adds, despite all these abilities, Paul was in the grip of the devil. Paul was blind but God put him in situation to see nothing but himself. Paul later wrote, in Galatians 1;15 “God called me by His grace to reveal His Son in me. Phipps points out that, here is the mission statement for Christianity, in order word, the first goal of the soul.

He says the nucleus theology of Paul, is that we become Christ-like so that Christ will be revealed to the world through us. Without, Christlikeness, everything we tell the world is hollow, because people will not join a church where its members don’t look like Christ. Phipps says, the purpose of the church is to grow people who looks like Jesus. He concluded by saying, the Christian must resemble, reflect and reveal the Character of Christ.

In his next presentations, he will be talking about steps for the development of Christlikeness.

[Sam Davies, SEC Communication Director - PC: Ligia Buzac]

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