Before You Say 'I Do' Conference

26th April 2018

The wedding planning process has concluded, the perfect dress has been sourced.  You have ensured that you've got the right flowers, food, cake, music, wedding party, photographer, invitations, rings, shoes and more. While there is much value in celebrating such a beautiful day, the main point may have been missed ‒ neglecting a plan for the marriage.

A simply survey undertaken can reveal the shocking results that most people regret being married. With this revelation in mind, the South England Conference Family Ministries department took the opportunity to address the vital step by offering the well-attended 'Before I Say I Do Conferences' to give enlightening and highly practical insight to those dating, courting or those interested in love or getting married. The three one-day conferences were held on 11 February, 22 April and the final conference will be held on 10 June 2018 at the Stanborough Centre, Watford, WD25 9JL.

The engrossing speaker Dr Denias Chihwai, was honest and open in his delivery, which in turn gave the attendees permission to delve deep into personal issues that IMG_0222can and has been an issue in relationships and look at simple practical measures to combat these issues.

Courtship was highlighted as an important and fundamental preliminary to marriage, which is the beginning of the journey together. It is crucial that guidelines, boundaries and expectations are laid out, individually and collectively.

Other vital messages that were brought out stressed the importance that no one can so effectually ruin IMG_0209a woman's happiness and usefulness, and make life a heart sickening burden, as her own husband; and no one can do one hundredth part as much to chill the hopes and aspirations of a man, to paralyse his energies and ruin his influence and prospects, as his own wife.

And so, the groundwork has to begin first. As an individual, you have to set standards for yourself, which will set a good example to others and a good foundation for your personal relationship. 

We were remined that the fundamental basis of any successful relationship is family worship, prayer and meditation on God's Word.

[Nicole Gooden ]

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