A Reminder of Discipleship in Bristol

1st March 2018

All of Bristol's Adventist churches came together on Sabbath 3 February for their annual District Day of Fellowship. Though the cold winter was felt in the church building due to the ceiling, the Holy Spirit warmed all of us that were present. Entitled Disciple Makers' Training and led by Pastor Michael Njagi Mbui, the day consisted of wise, God-given advice delivered in a method reminiscent of Pathfinders. Each person was given a booklet filled with questions of our core values, discipleship and more, rife with biblical reference.

However, before the discipleship training, the church was called into sessions of 'Prayer and Praise' led by Elder Hughlin and the Praise team. Local pastor, Royston Smith also engaged the members in a short but insightful lesson review. The members were tested on the hallmarks of being a good steward and were reminded that faithfulness is a lifestyle and spiritual attitude. Likewise, IMG_9180obedience is more than an action ‒ it is a determination made in the mind. More importantly, if one had failed as a steward, the blood of Jesus has the power to purge, cleanse and renew the fractured relationship whilst reengaging one into becoming loyal stewards.

Pastor Mbui managed to remind us all of what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ and what it takes to maintain these characteristics in a world that thrives off sin. Even the best of us could use a reminder of what it is we are called to be in this life. Pastor Mbui also reminded the congregation that the church is God's embassy in the community and that our vision is to minister to the needy and witness to oIMG_9177ur communities regardless of race, ethnicity or religions. So, the church should become the focal point for worship and ministry – community oriented. Each person who enters the temple must experience worship. That is, they should have a spirit-filled encounter with God. Equally, as the chosen ones, God's church must give life, value and identity to anyone who meets one of God's ambassadors.

Bristol members felt that the programme was meaningful and spiritual as the training focused their attention on the real mission of the church. Mostly, they were empowered to become better disciples so that they in turn would disciple others.

Interestingly, there were four different sessions throughout the day, all including praise, worship, reflection as individuals and reflection as a church body. With lunch provided, we managed to fulfil three facets of growth which Pastor Mbui reminded us of: worship, fellowship and being in a Godly community.

The churches thanked Pastor Mbui for empowering and reminding our members of their real identity. Similarly, for engaging and educating them on the true mission of the church and why they should become disciple makers.

[Aiden Harmitt-Williams]

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