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Please fill in your details and add a poster (if required) on this page.  Details of the event itself will be added on the next page.  Please note that posters should be jpeg or png images at roughly 640 x 441 pixels. Your poster or image should not exceed 500 KB.

To help us edit your event and get it online as soon as possible, please remember these points:

  • Include all necessary event details including:
    • Full address of the venue
    • Start time and end time including the date
    • Who to contact for further information
    • A link to a web page (if there is one).
  • Make sure the Poster is clean and legible.
    • Do not use colours that will make the text illegible
    • Do not use pixelated pictures
    • Avoid stretching pictures
    • Minimise the use of different colours for the text
  • The Event Name should be the name of the event rather than the name of the person posting it.
  • Avoid using MS Word for making posters; there are free image editors that can do a tidy job. Should any of them interest you, read carefully before you download.

Creating an event is a two-step process.  First fill in the form with your details and the poster.  The second part comes after you click on ‘Submit’ on the form below. Here you will fill in a description of your event.

  • While the Poster may have all the information it is important to also put that information in text format in the description field for the following reasons:
    • For the visually impaired as their browser may read to them what the text says but not the image.
    • Those using a browser or device that for some reason can’t display the poster will still be able to read the text.
    • Text is searchable via search engines and search fields but images are not as optimised for searching.
  • If the event only occurs once use the Single Calendar Event option but if it recurs regularly then use the Recurring Calendar Event option.

Once your event is up you can help promoting it by sharing it on Facebook and other social media. This is very easy to do. Simply navigate to your event, click on the Facebook, Google+ or Twitter icon at the bottom of the page and then select the Share Link option in the ensuing page.

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