What to Expect

Counselling can be a truly rewarding experience for an individual, although it may seem daunting at first. The problems that people bring to counselling can be complex and difficult, which means that it can be painful to share. At Cornerstone Counselling Service [CCS] we provide a safe, confidential service where you would be supported on your journey to emotional health. 

We provide an initial consultation whereby you can discuss what brought you to counselling and what you would hope to gain. We will also explore any concerns or reservations that you may have about attending counselling. We offer six (6) sessions to begin with then review. If you need more than six (6) sessions, you can agree with your counsellor the length of therapy (short or long term), and reviews will take place regularly. 

Each session is usually lasts one (1) hour and takes place every week or fortnight at the same time and day. 

We are a non-profit making service where counsellors give freely their time and skills.
Our PRICE/session is:

  • £20 for individuals
  • £25 for couples
  • £30 for families

Contact us

The Advent Centre,
37 Brendon St,
London W1H 5JE

Counselling Hotline

02077 238050

Thembie Mapingire

Counselling Coordinator

Rosamund Farrell

Counselling Receptionist